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Solar Power: Top 10 Round-Up

Solar power continues to thrive globally in the renewable energy market, so we've delved into our past blog posts and features to bring you a selection of some of our top articles focused on solar power and its impact in various markets around the world. Enjoy!


1. Solar PV for Commercial Properties – Does it still make financial sense?

Ian Draisey, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Solar Systems Ltd, shares his views on the solar industry and its positive future.


2. REMIPEG Report: Uncertain future for solar thermal power

In 2015 the solar thermal power market grew after a period of uncertainty during the global recession. Despite this growth, the future of solar thermal power is still unclear, according to L. Javier Herrera and Thomas Klinge at Lahmeyer International GmbH, Bad Vilbel.


3. A new dawn for China's solar industry?

Chun Yu Jonathan Poon looks at the current status of China's solar industry, pondering where its future may lie after a series of scandals and international trade battles.


4. Buffett deal with First Solar signals low cost solar power is here to stay

While green energy has become increasingly popular in the media, it has continued to lag far behind more traditional energy sources when it comes to actual usage. Perhaps this is because of inherently ephemeral nature of green energy sources like wind and sunlight, compared to the physical, weighty presence of the old energy standbys, such as coal and oil, says Joel MacDonald

5. The benefits of solar energy

Chris Leaman, Vice President of JK Mechanical, explores the benefits of using modern solar power systems for homes and businesses across the US.


6. Solar Surges in the Middle East and North Africa

Solar continues to grow in the MENA region, but how does it compare to Hani Majzoub’s projections last year?


7. 5 energy innovations revolutionizing the developing world

Georgia Gifford shares five technologies making a big impact to the energy landscape in developing nations. Four of her selection are solar-powered!


8. Five myths about solar power, and the real facts

Solar energy and the solar industry has exploded in the last decade, and is today an established and competitive renewable energy source. Despite this (or maybe because of this), solar energy has been surrounded by myths, rumors and false arguments that have dimmed the sunny picture. Midsummer CEO Sven Lindström explains the five most common solar energy myths – and the real facts.


9. Japan: Land of the rising sun?

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster Japan has looked to renewables to fill the gap left by nuclear. But with a nuclear re-start now looming, is Japan’s resolve wavering? Read parts 1 and 2 of Rachel Parkes’ article to find out why solar may have a promising future in Japan.


10. Three ways to use solar energy for data centres

 Many ICT companies now have corporate social responsibility programmes focused specifically on reducing their data centres’ carbon footprints and every data centre operator wants to be able to promote the fact that their centre is green. Srikanth Murugan examines some of the solar options available.


Posted 06/05/2016 by Michelle Fisher

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