Paula Mints

Job title:
Principal Analyst for Navigant Consulting’s PV Service Market Research Program

Areas of expertise:
Photovoltaic (PV) technologies and markets

Paula Mints is the principal analyst for Navigant’s PV Service Market Research Program, and executive editor of the Solar Outlook Newsletter, and is widely recognised as an industry expert on photovoltaic (PV) technologies and markets. She has 10 years of experience providing research products and insight about the photovoltaic industry.

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During fast and heated growth in 2010, the solar market has seen its share of technology shake-ups as well. In July, Applied Materials made headlines by discontinuing new sales of it SunFab thin-film silicon line after production had fallen woefully behind cost and efficiency expectations of the mar ...
Posted 15 November 2010 by Paula Mints
Amid optimistic announcements for gigawatts of CSP installations over the next few years, stage whispers of the barriers this industry continues to face continue. At CSP Today’s Project Development conference held in Denver on October 25 and 26, Stephen Mullennix, Partner at U.S. Renewables Gr ...
Posted 01 November 2010 by Paula Mints
tags: csp , solar , pv , permitting
Author: Guest Blogger Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Ph. D. | Associate Director| Energy | Navigant Consulting, Inc. A short and very unsatisfactory answer to this question is, “Well it depends!” In reality, there actually are some critical details that must be understood before a decision is m ...
Posted 15 September 2010 by Paula Mints
So much happening in California, much of it crucial to the forward progress of solar in the biggest market in the USA. First, unemployment remains high, the budget remains in limbo with outgoing governor Schwarzenegger willing to let the situation pass on through to the next administration, while i ...
Posted 31 August 2010 by Paula Mints
Caught ya – this is really an article about branding. You know,  that marketing function that turns needs into wants and functions into attributes – or, scares the heck out of you and then turns around and offers you a safe place to land while it makes you love being scared. The fu ...
Posted 20 August 2010 by Paula Mints
tags: solar , panel , pv , energy , power , renewable
First came the announcement, then came optimism, then came the announcements, then came the reality checks and finally, the changes to Ontario’s wildly anticipated feed-in tariff; not to kill it off, but to control it and, hopefully, help develop a sustainable market. Historically, Canada has ...
Posted 11 August 2010 by Paula Mints
Look around the FiT landscape and if you can, find one that created a healthy, sustainable market that did not overburden those who are paying for it; Yes, I mean remember the ratepayers; Look around again; Yes, I mean remember the ratepayers, you do not want to make them mad; ...
Posted 31 July 2010 by Paula Mints
There is a wave of new business professionals in the solar industry – and not all of them speak solar. Every industry has its own language along with a host of acronyms to go along with it. The specific language of business can actually obliterate understanding, but, there is no getting aroun ...
Posted 27 July 2010 by Paula Mints
tags: Solar , PV
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