Geothermal Features for April 2013

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What now for the “impotent” ETS? What now for the “impotent” ETS?

The European Parliament has voted against propping up the EU’s emissions trading scheme in a move that sent prices plunging to new lows in the world’s biggest carbon market. what happens now?

Coatings: protecting renewable energy equipment Coatings: protecting renewable energy equipment

All renewable energy systems rely on precision electronics to ensure they can deliver energy in a consistent manner. These electronics are subject to harsh use and hostile environments and need ­protection. One solution is Parylene protective coatings.

Retailers and renewables Retailers and renewables

Part 2. While US giants dominate the top five corporate retail solar users in terms of on-site capacity, Swedish firm IKEA is also taking strides in Europe.

Renewable energy project monitor Renewable energy project monitor

Our regular column, written by the Energy Industries Council, reports on project development in the renewable energy marketplace. Here we look at developments in January and February 2013.